PGAV Office Expansion: Westood, KS

6000 SF expansion and renovation of existing $6000 SF (total project 12,000 SF) Over 90% of construction and demolition waste was recycled or reused An in-house recycling program is enhanced well beyond the base requirements A green purchasing policy is used for all office materials Most installed construction materials have high recycled content and low VOC levels. The office is located within walking distance of parks, city-density-housing, commercial buildings, and two bus lines All employees have access to nearby bike racks and showers, as well as full health-club membership for all interested employees. Work stations provide window views and natural light to over 90% of regularly occupied work areas. In addition, work stations use energy efficient light fixtures, motion sensors, LED & LCD monitors, and task lighting.

PGAV Architects Office Expansion
Westwood, KS
North Office Suite - 
South Office Entry
Open Office Space - The workstations were designed with low partitions to allow natural light to filter throughout the space without disruption.    Each workstation included a combination of modular and ergonomic furniture included height adjustable work surfaces and mobile drawing tables.
IT Room Slider - The Barn Door Style Slider was a response to the demand for a large open space to move technology equipment in and out of the enclosed IT workspace.  The door was designed and fabricated on-site by Matthew Smith with the help of architect  and colleague Miles Tolbert.
Circular Conference Room (War Room)  -  This main conference room was outfitted with modular and flexible furniture to meet the challenge of lecture style learning environments as well as round-table discussions.   Flexibility is a key function of this space.
Award-Winning Pivot Door Design.   These Conference Room doors earned a 2005 AIA Merit Award for Craftsmanship.
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