PGAV Architects Office Expansion
Westwood, KS
North Office Suite - 
South Office Entry
Open Office Space - The workstations were designed with low partitions to allow natural light to filter throughout the space without disruption.    Each workstation included a combination of modular and ergonomic furniture included height adjustable work surfaces and mobile drawing tables.
IT Room Slider - The Barn Door Style Slider was a response to the demand for a large open space to move technology equipment in and out of the enclosed IT workspace.  The door was designed and fabricated on-site by Matthew Smith with the help of architect  and colleague Miles Tolbert.
Circular Conference Room (War Room)  -  This main conference room was outfitted with modular and flexible furniture to meet the challenge of lecture style learning environments as well as round-table discussions.   Flexibility is a key function of this space.
Award-Winning Pivot Door Design.   These Conference Room doors earned a 2005 AIA Merit Award for Craftsmanship.
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